Insurance Career Series, Part 2: Insurance Brokers

Insurance Career Series, Part 2: Insurance Brokers


An insurance broker is likely the position that you visualized first when you started this article because they tend to be the most public-facing people in the business. If you like meeting people, presenting to groups, and helping people find answers to questions, this is the job for you.

Agents/brokers are the professionals who connect their community members with insurance. They often attend many networking functions and are well-known, active community members. Successful agents are well respected and considered essential to the people and businesses that rely on them. People know that a great insurance agent is just as crucial to securing their futures as a great lawyer or financial planner.

While similar in what they do, there is one difference between insurance agents and insurance brokers. Insurance agents work for one insurance company and sell and service that company's policies. Brokers offer insurance products from multiple insurance companies. An agent might be serving community needs, while a broker's reach can extend globally.

If your main strengths are meeting people and building long-term, productive relationships, this is your job. Many of your clients will be with you for decades and rely on you for advice and assistance. Problem-solving, time management, and creativity are also skills you'll rely on heavily. 

Agents/brokers can be some of your community's most successful and trusted people. It is truly a lifetime career that grows with you.