Insurance Career Series, Part 1: Claims Adjusters

Insurance Career Series, Part 1: Claims Adjusters


Insurance Career Overview: Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters have rewarding careers dealing with the public and helping insurance customers recover from losses. They get to impact the lives they touch by reassuring others that their claim will be professionally handled. They comfort those in need and let them know that the company is there to help them get back to normal.

The position requires strong interpersonal skills and customer service. An adjuster often sets and manages their daily schedule. Hence, time management is essential, especially as the job can require traveling to multiple areas to help with customer claims. Additionally, those working in claims often negotiate with contractors or customers to ensure needs are met.

This job can be exciting and accommodate those that want to be mostly out of the office and those professionals that prefer a desk. Professionals that crave daily diversity and being out in the field might find themselves traveling to places across the country and bringing much-needed solace to those in disaster areas.

In the office, the daily challenge is reviewing diverse claims, matching the solution, and providing the information that the field adjuster needs to assist those in need.